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Herding and Dog Training

Located approx an hour north of Los Angeles, California, our location allows for a great get away from the city, but not so far as to require a weekend away from home. The dogs love getting out in the country, doing what they were bred to do, herd sheep! Sheepherding lessons are held in Leona Valley, which is located north of Santa Clarita, and West of Palmdale, in the foothills of the beautiful Sierra Pelona Mountains. Our weather can offer snow in the winter, a "real" fall, and cool evenings in the summertime.

We offer:

Herding Lessons
For a herding dog, it is the ultimate! Instinct was bred into a herding dog, it's how he is "hard wired" it works his mind and his body! For dogs who need an outlet for that instinct, to preparing your dog for a herding trial, ranch work, or a day in the country to let your dog experience what he was born to do. We only work with herding breeds in sheep herding lessons.

Herding Lessons are ongoing, on weekends, and weekday late afternoons.

Obedience Training:
Karen is an experienced Obedience Trainer with years of experience working with people to solve the obedience and behavior problems of their dogs in a kind and humane manner. Learn to think as your dog does, and build a bond with your dog as you work to teach him the manners and training needed to live successfully in the "human world". Most things dogs do, are just "what dogs do", and they don't "fit" with what we humans like or want, and it's just a matter of "teaching" the things we'd like our dog to do. Dogs don't come with human manners, no matter how smart they are, so it's up to us to show and teach them. From puppies to grown dogs, no dog is too old to learn!

Obedience is by appointment with classes forming soon in Santa Clarita. ALL breeds welcome!
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